Shutter Speed Mastery: Capturing Motion and Moments

Shutter Speed Mastery

Shutter Speed Mastery: Capturing Motion and Moments

Embark on a transformative photographic journey with Roland Pokrywka in an immersive workshop dedicated to mastering the art of shutter speed. Designed for enthusiasts who seek to enhance their photography skills, this hands-on experience promises to elevate your images from ordinary to extraordinary.

Join Roland as he unravels the secrets behind capturing the essence of dynamic moments, ensuring your photos leave a lasting impact. This workshop is tailored for those who crave a quick yet comprehensive understanding of photography essentials, with a specific focus on the powerful world of shutter speeds.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll gain insights into how different shutter speeds can be harnessed to freeze action, craft mesmerizing motion blur effects, and immortalize the breathtaking beauty of the Milky Way. Roland will guide you through optimal camera settings for various techniques, including panning, zoom bursts, Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), and the captivating realm of night sky photography, encompassing the Milky Way and enchanting star trails.

Beyond mastering technical aspects, Roland will delve into effective planning, light searching, and framing techniques that will refine your overall photography skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your disappointment into pride, creating images that not only showcase your adventures but also become cherished memories. Elevate your photography game with Roland Pokrywka’s expertise in this dynamic and enlightening shutter speed workshop.

Hourly Schedule

Module 1

Unveiling the Shutter's Magic: Discover the inner workings of a digital camera and the pivotal role of the shutter in capturing images.

Module 2

Mastering Shutter Speeds: Explore the full spectrum of shutter speeds, from rapid to slow, and learn how each impacts your photography.

Module 3

Elevating Your Art with Creative Techniques: Dive into advanced methods to transform your photos from good to extraordinary.

Module 4

The Art of Framing and Composition: Gain insights into framing and composition strategies to enhance the visual appeal of your shots.
  • Duration: 90 minutes


01 Mar 2024


14:00 - 15:30




Xposure Workshops


Xposure Workshops


  • Roland Pokrywka
    Roland Pokrywka

    Roland Pokrywka, a versatile professional, is a freelance photographer, tutor, and managing director at DSLR Photography Courses Ltd in London. With a passion for education, he leads the company in providing a wide range of courses and workshops, catering to photographers of all levels. Roland’s expertise spans from beginner basics to specialized areas such as portraiture, studio lighting, and videography. Committed to enriching learning experiences, he has established DSLR Photography Courses Ltd as a premier destination for photography education in the city.

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