Introduction to Seascape Photography

Introduction to Seascape Photography

Introduction to Seascape Photography

Dive into the captivating world of seascape photography alongside the esteemed Francesco Gola in this enriching workshop designed for both beginners and enthusiasts with a solid camera foundation. Francesco will guide you through the essentials, starting with an exploration of necessary equipment, including in-depth discussions on camera features, commonly used lenses, and crucial accessories, with special emphasis on the art of using photographic filters.

As the workshop unfolds, Francesco will meticulously unravel the intricacies of optimal camera settings, providing detailed insights into his choices. Participants will have the opportunity to grasp specific techniques, such as mastering hyperfocal distance focusing—a fundamental skill for consistently achieving outstanding results in the dynamic field of seascape photography.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Francesco will not only share technical knowledge but also impart practical tips garnered over many years of honing his craft in diverse coastal settings. The workshop’s culmination will be an interactive session, where participants can pose questions and seek further clarification on any aspect of seascape photography.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only possess a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals but also gain the confidence to venture into the field, armed with the skills and knowledge needed to immediately capture breathtaking seascapes. Join Francesco Gola on this immersive journey and elevate your seascape photography to new heights.

  • Duration: 2 hours


02 Mar 2024


16:00 - 18:00




Xposure Workshops


Xposure Workshops


  • Francesco Gola
    Francesco Gola

    Renowned fine art landscape photographer Francesco Gola, born in 1981 in Pavia, Italy, discovered his passion for photography at a young age. Inspired by romantic painters Turner and Aivazovsky, he developed a unique style focused on seascapes. Francesco’s work, celebrated worldwide in publications and exhibitions, reflects an emotional connection to the sea, inviting viewers into a deeper appreciation of nature. Based in Milan, Italy, he not only captures timeless images but also shares his expertise through teaching and collaborations globally.

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