Essential Skills for Better Photography

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Essential Skills for Better Photography

Overwhelmed by the array of buttons and settings on your camera?

“Roland Pokrywka’s workshop is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to demystify their cameras and delve into the fascinating realm of photography”

Dive headfirst into the captivating universe of photography with Roland Pokrywka’s workshop! If the sea of buttons on your camera feels like a puzzle, fear not. This course is your passport to unraveling the mysteries, turning confusion into confidence.

Picture this: by the end of the workshop, not only will you navigate your camera effortlessly, but you’ll also possess the skills to capture images that’ll make your friends double-tap in awe. Roland’s beginner-friendly approach ensures that every session is a blend of learning and fun.

This isn’t just about technical know-how; it’s an invitation to unleash your creativity and embrace the art of photography. Say goodbye to photo-phobia and hello to a world where every click is a step closer to becoming a visual storyteller. Join us on this exciting journey, and let Roland Pokrywka be your mentor in capturing moments with flair and finesse!


What Should Students Bring?
Please bring a camera that allows manual adjustment of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Suitable types include DSLRs, mirrorless systems, or bridge cameras.

Hourly Schedule

Module 1

Get to Know Your Camera!
Discover the intricacies of your camera as Roland guides you through the essential buttons and menus. No more confusion – this workshop is designed to make you feel at ease with your camera's functions and features.

Module 2

Setting Up a Camera for Best Results
Learn the art of setting up your camera to achieve optimal results. Roland will share valuable insights on configuring your camera for various scenarios, ensuring that you capture images with the best possible quality.

Module 3

The Power of Focus - No More Blurry Pictures
Bid farewell to the frustration of blurry photos! Roland will unravel the secrets of achieving sharp and well-focused images, helping you overcome the common challenges that often lead to disappointingly unclear shots.

Module 4

Fundamentals of Exposure
Delve into the fundamentals of exposure, gaining a solid understanding of concepts like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Roland will break down these elements, making them easily digestible for beginners, and guide you on how to manipulate them to get the perfect exposure.

Module 5

Low Light Photography
Explore the challenges and triumphs of low light photography. Roland will share techniques and tips to capture stunning images in dimly lit conditions, ensuring that you're well-equipped to handle any lighting situation.

Module 6

The Magic of Shutter Speed
Uncover the magic behind shutter speed – a crucial element in photography. Roland will guide you through the various speeds and their effects, empowering you to freeze action, create captivating motion blur, and unlock the full potential of your camera.

Module 7

Aperture and the Depth of Field (DOF)
Demystify aperture and its role in determining the depth of field. Roland will explain how to use aperture creatively to control what's in focus and achieve that professional look in your photos.
  • Duration: 4 hours


04 Mar 2024


10:30 - 14:30




Xposure Workshops


Xposure Workshops


  • Roland Pokrywka
    Roland Pokrywka

    Roland Pokrywka, a versatile professional, is a freelance photographer, tutor, and managing director at DSLR Photography Courses Ltd in London. With a passion for education, he leads the company in providing a wide range of courses and workshops, catering to photographers of all levels. Roland’s expertise spans from beginner basics to specialized areas such as portraiture, studio lighting, and videography. Committed to enriching learning experiences, he has established DSLR Photography Courses Ltd as a premier destination for photography education in the city.

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