Enlightened Perspectives: A Workshop on Lighting in Photography

Enlightened Perspectives: A Workshop on Lighting in Photography

Enlightened Perspectives: A Workshop on Lighting in Photography

Welcome to an illuminating photography workshop guided by the expertise of Rob Irving—an experienced mentor in the captivating realm of visual storytelling through the lens. Lighting, the heartbeat of any compelling photograph, takes center stage in this transformative session crafted for beginners and intermediate-level students.

Rob Irving will be your mentor on this journey, unraveling the intricacies of both natural ambient light and off-camera flash. Gain invaluable insights as he shares his mastery, empowering you to seize control of the visual narrative within your images. This workshop is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive guide to leveraging lighting for mood, atmosphere, and compositional depth.

Throughout our time together, discover how lighting, under Rob’s guidance, becomes the cornerstone that dictates the fundamentals of photography. Delve into the art of creating illusions of depth and strategically using light to highlight specific details, textures, and features within a scene. Witness the magic of both natural and off-camera flash, demystified through a simple yet impactful portrait two-flash setup, as Rob shares his wealth of knowledge.

Embark on a journey where lighting transforms from a technicality into a powerful storytelling tool under Rob Irving’s mentorship. Explore its ability to evoke emotions, create drama, and convey messages, all while enhancing the overall impact of your photographs. By the end of this workshop, curated by Rob Irving, you’ll not only grasp the nuances of lighting but also wield it as a potent force to craft attention-arresting, amazing photographs. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your photography skills and breathe life into your creative vision with the guidance of Rob Irving.

Hourly Schedule

Module 1

Ambient Lighting.
How to see the light and what to consider within a given scene. How to expose for the light in order to capture it’s best qualities. When best to photograph; the nuances of the changing light throughout the day.

Module 2

Artificial lighting: Off-camera flash.
Flash and how to understand it. What to consider when utilising off-camera flash. Lighting patterns, angles and the different moods that these can convey.

Module 3

Lending mood & emotion to the photograph.
Shadows & highlights Colour temperature Soft verses hard light & everything in-between.
  • Duration: 90 minutes


05 Mar 2024


16:00 - 17:30




Xposure Workshops


Xposure Workshops


  • Rob Irving
    Rob Irving

    Rob Irving, a London-based photographer with 25 years of commercial experience, discovered his passion for photography at the age of 8. Self-taught and enlightened by academic pursuits in Cultural Geography with Photography, he explores the profound narratives within imagery. Specializing in people, products, events, and architecture, Rob’s lens is drawn to captivating light, acknowledging its role in creating compelling portraits. As a seasoned educator, he imparts his knowledge at The British Academy of Photography, guiding students to degree levels, and co-manages ‘GoFoto’ with photojournalist Alecsandra Dragoi.

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