Easy Post Production of Long Exposure (with Adobe Lightroom)

Easy Post Production of Long Exposure (with Adobe Lightroom)

Easy Post Production of Long Exposure (with Adobe Lightroom)

Do you find satisfaction in your field captures but struggle to achieve natural results in post-production?

Discover with Francesco Gola how simple it is to attain excellent results using only Adobe Lightroom, the world’s most widely used photo post-production software.

This course is designed for those with at least some familiarity with Adobe Lightroom for post-processing their images. However, even those who have never tried using it can start taking their first steps with confidence and ease.

Francesco will provide a practical demonstration of how he post-processes his images with Adobe Lightroom. Starting with the selection of one of his long-exposure seascape shots, Francesco will first comment on the strategy that should guide the workflow before implementing it.

Global and local adjustments will be applied to the image until it is ready for export. There will also be a discussion on how to best export your image once it is complete, depending on the final destination (print or web).

Ample space will always be given for participants’ questions.

What Should Students Bring?
Ideally a laptop with Adobe Lightroom pre installed but not essential

  • Duration: 2 hours


03 Mar 2024


15:30 - 17:30




Xposure Workshops


Xposure Workshops


  • Francesco Gola
    Francesco Gola

    Renowned fine art landscape photographer Francesco Gola, born in 1981 in Pavia, Italy, discovered his passion for photography at a young age. Inspired by romantic painters Turner and Aivazovsky, he developed a unique style focused on seascapes. Francesco’s work, celebrated worldwide in publications and exhibitions, reflects an emotional connection to the sea, inviting viewers into a deeper appreciation of nature. Based in Milan, Italy, he not only captures timeless images but also shares his expertise through teaching and collaborations globally.

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