Adobe Premiere Pro: The Basics

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro: The Basics

Learn the basics of being a video editor working with Premiere Pro. This is an entry level course for creatives who want to dive into the world of motion content but are in need a solid starting point

In this course, you will learn the basics being an editor as well as the basics of a leading editing application, Premiere Pro. When you think about a video editor’s job what comes to mind? We will discuss the editor’s job in detail.

When opening Premiere for the first time, it could seem overwhelming. We will ease through the process of setting up a project to making your first cut and provide the students with the methods to retain this information and utilize it throughout their professional careers. This course is designed for creatives who want to incorporate motion into their work or self promotion methods.

For the first part of the workshop we will learn the layout of Premiere Pro and how to build a project with footage. We will repeat this process a few times because repetition is key when learning a new application. After we have mastered setting up a project, we will move into cutting our first motion sequences. Attendees may bring their own footage to practice on.


Hourly Schedule

Module 1

The Editor's Job

Module 2

What you need to run Premiere Pro
External hard drive

Module 3

Creating a standardized folder structure.
Creating a project
Importing footage, creating bins, creating a sequence.

Module 4

Repeat modules 1-3 and create a cut in the created sequence.
  • Duration: 3 hours


04 Mar 2024


15:00 - 18:00




Film Workshop
Adobe Lab - Xposure Workshops


Adobe Lab - Xposure Workshops

Other Locations

Xposure International Photography Festival


  • Nico Moreno
    Nico Moreno

    New York-raised Nico Moreno began crafting digital narratives in childhood, evolving into a film industry professional during high school. Embracing the “Artist as a Business” ethos, he founded a production company, producing content for global brands. Nico’s expertise spans social media, garnering millions of views for his original content. Notably, he mastered After Effects for an augmented reality beauty book, showcasing his determination and influencing tech developers. Nico’s journey exemplifies the power of will and passion in achieving professional milestones.


Xposure International Photography Festival


Xposure International Photography Festival
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